Flabaire – It’s just a silly phase I’m going through

French deep house artist Flabaire released his first lp on D.KO records at the beginning of march. Influenced by ambient, breakbeat and minimal music, the record is a dreamy trip in house heaven.



We introduced you to this parisian label not too long ago, for those you didn’t know it is a the forefront of a new french house wave which is getting bigger and bigger. This is the first album released on the label which released a bunch of quality EPs since their beginning in 2011. But let’s get back to our sheeps.

Flabaire, the producer behind the record, has been playing music since he was very young. Learning piano at 3, switching to guitar at 8 and then he started producing when he was a teenager. He declared recently that he didn’t want to make an album of twelve songs for clubs so instead he  experimented with something more dreamy and ambient. House influences are still very much present and some of the songs could potentially be played in a club. However the concept is clearly to make an experimental album here. Each songs provides a different mood, the drums and synths are always on point and create a cohesive ensemble. It seems it was made for dreaming and exploration in a peaceful atmosphere. Song titles confirms my idea of the space trip : Headspace, La grêve des étoiles, Stars.

The versatility is achieved as this album never gets boring. Listen after listen, you enter a world which you don’t want to leave when it ends. The future of french electronic music is in good hands with promising artists like Flabaire. Oh and don’t forget to check out Mad Rey and other releases on this label because they are all sick !


Until next time, dreamers and ravers !


bart simpson


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