Fée Croquer “Le bien appelle le bien”

Fée Croquer is a parisian techno and humanitarian organization. The name translation means “give me a bite”. This innovative concept unites entertainment and social action. Launched one year ago, it has already organized  a dozen of successful events in large unexploited places (warehouses, movie studios, congress palaces)  and distributed 1200 food parcels.


The Concept: Helping others and having a good time

They want people to have a good time and do a social action at the same time. Fée Croquer is based on a simple observation: more and more people are living in the streets and struggle to find food.

During the event, all participants will constitute package filled with food and everyday necessities (water bottles, pillows, survival blankets, duvets). These packages will then be distributed by volunteers to those in need.

The aim behind the parties is to to raise awareness by assisting people in need. Help is welcome and you can join as a volunteer here: fee croquer volunteers. Promoting epic and quality techno music is very important too. Residents like Madlex, Hemka and Madoff G share the stage with renowned djs such as Julian Jeweil, François X and Keith Carnal. A good mix between newcomers and established names, their line-ups are always on point.



This initiative should give fresh ideas to to help people around the world. The passionate friends behind the organization now wants to develop its charity projects with permanent social stands to open its doors to those who do not participate in nightlife.  They want to work in collaboration with physical and mental disabilities hospitals to offer to these people parties which they usually can’t access. Fée Croquer is ready to get bigger and may soon become a benchmark for solidarity party!


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