The Peacock Society

On Saturday night I went to this party in Vincennes (near Paris) which takes place twice a year. I arrived at 10pm, quite early, to get familiar with the massive venue (check pics at the end of the post). It consists in one giant warehouse divided in two stages and another little house for the third stage. There was a also a photobooth, nordic baths, food trucks and a movie theater but I didn’t have time to go there. I regret that there was no « chill space » to sit and rest between two perfomances.

At the beginning, there wasn’t much people, the majority of them arrived around midnight. In less than one hour, the warehouse was full. The line-up was a mix of french artists (Clara 3000, Nathan Melja, Zombie Zombie) and international artists (MCDE, Theo Parrish, Daniel Avery). Most of them played techno sets. The venue was packed, I don’t know the exact numbers but I think between 2000 and 3000 people were there. This kind of event is what I call a « commercial rave ». It looks like a rave from the outside but the lack of spirit and soul is obvious. Fun and freedom have been replaced by high prices and negative mentality. The people makes the party, the problem was with the attitude and mentality of some people. I feel like most people came at this party to take and sell drugs instead of enjoying the music and dancing. The amount of bad-mannered people was too big to endure. Basically, everything was overpriced! The ticket prices were high so it can explain why most people were there to « show up ». Selling water bottles for 4 euros is the kind of thing that show that the promoters wants to maximize their profit. They should provide free water given the number of people attending and the high temperature. At least there was many exits and it was easy to go outside to breath some fresh air.

The dj’s were great and did a good job, the sound quality and lights performance was acceptable. The highlight of the night for me was seeing Motor City Drum Ensemble, one of my favourite dj. I also enjoyed seeing Zombie Zombie, Danny Daze, Levon Vincent, Daphni, Clouds, DJ Koze and Theo Parrish. I had fun dancing until I couldn’t feel my legs.

6 am, it was time to go back home and get well-deserved sleep.  About the music, I am not a big techno fan, I would have liked more diversity in the music. This versatily was only achieved by MCDE who brilliantly mixed genres as he’s known for. To conclude, it was cool to see what this party was about, because it has become very famous in two years but I am not sure I will go back.


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