The Hateful Eight

A new movie by Quentin Tarantino ? the film-maker that (almost) everyone loves ? First off, this movie is very different from his previous ones. It’s still bloody and violent ! It can be compared to « Reservoir Dogs » because it mainly takes place in two areas : a stagecoach and in  Minnie’s Haberdashery, a lost shelter somewhere near Red Rock. Some might say it’s boring because of the length of the film and that there is not a lot of action. I agree that it’s not the most captivating movie Tarantino has done but it’s part of his style. Here, the interest lies in dialogs and the global plot. I found the first part slow but the cutting in six chapters makes the movie more interesting because the intriguing story build on and on.



Tarantino loves to hide little cinema references in his movies, so you might find similarities with other movies if you are an expert.It is more difficult to appreciate it if you’re not a huge fan of Tarantino and cinema in genral. Indeed, he chose to use an old process (shoot in 70mm) to give an old-school feel to his movie. He shot two versions : one is six minutes longer because it contains an overture and an intermission between chapters 3 and 4. The film-maker had all of his usual actors on boards like Samuel Jackson, Kurt Russell and Tim Roth. The whole cast achieve remarkable performances.

The Hateful Eight constitutes a return to the roots for the film-maker. The result is good, but if you expected a Django 2, you will be disappointed. About the music, Tarantino chose Ennio Morricone, the best western composer to score the movie, and the soundtrack is excellent. The commonplace story is like a little time capsule and it is convenient to understand the history of this country. The story is a travel back in the United States origins, where sheriff and bounty hunters were coexisting in a world ruled by guns, honor and treason. Tarantino does a good job at recreating the state of mind of the time in his characters. This kind of old school movie are rare these days, and the film-maker took risk but it was worth it, the movie is profitable (66M$ profit and 44M$ budget). I think it’s the kind of movie which grows on you, so you need to watch it a couple of times to really immerse yourself in his world. Overall, I enjoyed this movie and I hope you too !

samuel jackson


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