Raury – All We Need

The first album by this young artist was released on October 16, 2015. It was his first release on a major label (Colombia records). I was expecting a great album since his last project was really promising. For me, this album is too diverse, not cohesive enough compared to « indigo child ». However, it has some good songs but Raury didn’t convince me with this album as a whole.



An happy feeling floats through the entire record, it feels like a pink little cloud is following you. He delivers very personal lyrics, sharing his view on life and it’s obvious that he is very spiritual for a 19 year old artist. But the main problem is there is too much experiment with diferent styles. While his previous project was making good use of interludes to tell a story, these ones are annoying and doesn’t provide good transitions.



Raury is growing as an artist, but this debut album didn’t get the success I was expecting. Nevertheless, it’s inspiring to see an artist suceed at such a young age. His sincerity and positivity are displayed in his songs which makes the record enjoyable but not essential. For featurings, he both has established artists like Big Krit, Tom Morello and RZA and newcomers like Key ! and Aria. Raury is still an underground artist and it’s good to know he hasn’t changed his music to be in the industry standards. He seems close to Joey Badass and Pro Era, who are promoting the indigo movement. What does the future holds for him ? 2016 will be an interesting year for Raury, let’s see what he’s going to do.

Listen to the full album here:


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