French house national pride : D.KO records

Mad Rey, Flabaire, BrAque, Mézigue are some of the names behind this paris-based label. Launched in 2013, D.KO has build a solid underground reputation thanks to numerous EP releases. D.KO gathers talents in multiple fields : graphic designer, musician, djs. Recently, the label released an EP under the name « Secret Value Orchestra » which is a collaboraton between members of the team.



D.KO is one of the collective at the forefront of the house revival in France. Limited vinyl pressings and quality music is the key of sucess for this label. Many of their vinyls are very demanded on sites like discogs and they are clearly for their vinyl movement. All of their artists are playing regularly across the country and sometimes with established djs. The french electronic music scene has changed dramatically in recent years. Recently, we have seen the emergence of collectives rather than individuals. Many artists are now part of a creative family in which the group is more important than the individual. It’s an innovative way to see music opposed to the « celebrity dj ». Nowadays, everybody wants to be a dj for the wrong reasons. D.KO records is a very interesting collective as they constantly renew their music and blend various influences. It should provide great innovative music in 2016 and get more exposure.





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