The Underachievers – Evermore/The Art of Duality

Brooklyn rap duo The Underachievers delivers a refreshing double album called « Evermore/The Art of Duality ». It’s a step forward following their first album « Cellar Door: Terminus Ut Exordium » released in June 2014. Indeed, their first album was seen as a disappointement from their fans comparing to their mixtapes. This album is much more cohesive. The choice of a double album is dangerous but logical, as it is divided into two distinct phase.


It was well received by most media and fans. First, it is varied and risk taking : one half is calm-spiritual songs and the other half is more trap bangers which goal is clear : turn up as loud as possible ! Their recipe is sucessfull with agressive lyrics delivered by Issa Gold and AK linked to unique beats. The relationship between the two emcees seems stronger as ever : they rap each after another in a perfectly synchronized timing like in « Take your Place » and « Moon Shot ».Their voice differences makes it entertaining. As they exchange the mic many times in the same song, you can compare their lyrics and flow.

Recently the duo transformed in a trio when they announced that Pro Era member Kirk Knight had joined the group. This exciting new member will offer more versatility and diversity to the Brooklyn natives. It’s not a surprise because Issa Gold and AK are part of Brooklyn collective Beast Coast (Pro Era, Flatbush Zombies, Phony PPL).

Their honesty and spirituality in their lyrics is what set the Underachievers apart from most of american rappers. Indeed, it’s refreshing to not hear about the usual money, drugs, girls repetition. Since their beginnings in 2012, they have improved their live performances and are now really famous for their ability to control the crowd.

The Underachievers are an interesting group to follow and this album confims this. They have a huge potential and are very productive (4 releases in 3 years). This album is good but will not change the game, it’s entertaining but it can get repetitive. Only real UA fans will listen to it in a few years as it will not be considered as a classic.


And to finish, here is a little christmas present: a documentary about the Underachievers!



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