Clap! Clap! – Tayi Bebba


Clap ! Clap ! is an Italian producer and dj. He released his album entitled Tayi Bebba last year. I discovered this artist in July at Dour Festival in Belgium. He was ending the festival, playing at 3am on Sunday night. I knew only a few of his songs, and his set was really energetic. His music is very much bass oriented but what sets him apart is the use of african sounds. Actually, this album is the perfect example of his craft. Released on his own label Black Acre, Tayi Bebba is one of the most forward thinking electronic album in years.



Each song is unique. All of them have crazy rhytms patterns. Clap ! All of his drums sounds amazing. Some songs are more club bangers but you will also find more laidback tunes. Throughout the album, you can feel the influence of african cultures. The mashup between modern electronic elements and african sounds is still relatively new and rare in today’s music. His ears and skills are impressive, it feels each detail is placed at the right spot. The album takes you on a fast and hypnotic journey somewhere in Africa.



PS : listen at loud volume to really enjoy this album !

listen to the album here :

Clap Clap Tayi Bebba album


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