Future – DS2

Future released his third album on July 17th. This is his fourth project released in less than a year (Monster, Beast Mode, 56 Nights). Can the hyper productive rapper continue with this rhythm? Nothing can tell it today, but one thing is sure: 2015 is the year of consecration for Future.



“DS2”, the new album had a good commercial success compared with “Monster” released last year. This is due to several reasons. Future has released two mixtapes between these two excellent albums which helped to make him known to a wider audience and increase his popularity. Especially known for his pen talents for other artists at his beginnings, the Atlanta native has managed to free himself from this role to access the star status. Since this year, he was acclaimed for his verses which is new for him. Indeed, he was specialized in catchy choruses and was rarely doing verses on featurings. He belongs to the new wave of singer / rapper. He’s also often compared to Young Thug who has a more melodic voice.



The artist has improved much thanks to producers that surrounds him : DJ Esco, Metro Boomin (the little Genius Producer from Atlanta), the 808 mafia, Zaytoven, Southside and many producers who have forged the Future identity. The impressive number of bangers released this past year proves that the recipe works (Blow a Bag, Fuck Us Some Commas, March Madness, Trap Niggas …). We acknoledge a dope new style with this new project. Future understood that people wanted more personal lyrics and he’s now trying to write more introspective lyrics. They speak mainly of his money management manners, his relationships, his addiction to codeine and his everyday life. Warning : Do not expect a quiet album, it is built for clubs. It’s difficult to listen to all 18 songs in a row, I memorize the best ones: Thought it was a Drought and Where Ya At. The Future phenomenon should not be taken too seriously: his character is nothing but a product of American entertainment. However his originality and risk-taking projects currently differentiate Future from most rappers.


PS : listen to Future x Drake WATTBA mixtape here : Future x Drake WATTBA mixtape


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