Nusky & Vaati – SWUH

It’s the second collaborative project from 2 parisian friends :

Vaati, a producer which music could be classified as future bass and chill.

Nusky, an emcee, member of crew La Race Canine, which style share similarities with Young Thug and Rich Hill.


I spoke about their previous Ep here :


This new project shows the evolution since their last EP « Lecce ». It contains 9 songs whereas the last one had 3 songs. Instrumentals are more complex and varied. They includes many synths and smooth drum kicks and snares, the recognizable Vaati trademark. Both artists changed in the last 6 months as we can hear new sounds and voices.

Nusky, whose style was clearly influenced by American rap, picked influences from Young Thug, especially with his voice. Vaati sometimes added effects (autotune ?) to make it sounds like the Atlanta rapper. He’s one of the most promising beatmakers in France. Nowadays, most of them gain popularity at an early age. It’s a smaller phenomenon in France but beatmakers are becoming famous, sometimes bigger than rappers, like in the US scene where producers like Mike Will Made It, Lex Luger, Hit-Boy and co have become international stars.


Some songs sounds very  Atlanta influenced  like « Katsumi » and « Doucement ». I really enjoy hearing these influences reincorporated in french rap. Especially in this case in which it’s really well executed. These 2 artists desserve a bigger recognition which will happen soon. They both started their musical careers early and with a couple of projects out, they gained experience and developed ther own style. In the coming months, I will write more about this exciting french scene which is growing at high speed.


In the meantime, you can listen and download this mixtape here :




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