The French rap entrepreneur : Nekfeu

Nekfeu is a young french emcee who released his first album FEU on June 8. It’s a commercial sucess (reached gold status after 1 month) and gave him massive exposure through national media (Grand Journal, Les Inrocks, Skyrock).


He’s a member of different groups like 1995, S-Crew and 5 Majeur. He’s also part of the parisian hip-hop collective L’Entourage. Since the beginning of his career in 2010, his style and lyrics evolved constantly to deliver a masterpiece album today.



Nekfeu said he wants to change the image of rap in France. He should be able to do it with such creativity and positivity. All songs are unique : flows, song structures and lyrics are diversified and it’s very entertaining to blast them in your speakers.


He invited his closest friends (Alpha Wann, Sneazzy, Doums, S-Crew) and a few other artists to collaborate on this album (Ed Sheeran, Amber-Simone, Némir, Spri Noir). All beats are sick, like Mobb Deep style’s « Le Horla » and « La Moue des Morts ». Most of them have melodic trap elements and rythms. « Jeux D’ombres » and « Princesse » sounds like Soulection/HW&W songs. Most producers are rising french beatmakers and dj’s : STWO, Superpoze, Hologram Lo, Enz’oo, Hugz Hefner, Loubensky, BLV, 1UpWorld, the Thundacatz, Oh Rare, Richie Beats, Juxebox.


Nekfeu describes his life as a young parisian in a special way : his routine, his friends and love stories. He also raps about his artisitic life : fame, money, parties. He gives us insights on his mentality, story, view on life and future. As you can see below, Nekfeu takes care of his videos by co-directing them. In « Egérie », the beginning is inspired by Kanye West «Flashing Lights » video.



« Everything I say in this album is true, I just modified stories and switch the characters »


The only regret I have is that there is no directive line between all his videos. We can understand this because he said he wants to show different sides of his personality in his visuals. Indeed, Nekfeu doesn’t like to be classified as « conscious » or « political » rapper, he wants to push music boundaries. As rap is still seen as a minor music by mainstream french media, it’s the music which is selling the most in France. Nekfeu is one of the few who could change its image and install it at the top of the game.


This album should be one of the top-selling record of 2015 in France. It has already conquered the heart of thousands of fans across France, Belgium and Netherlands. While he never stops working (he has many projects scheduled for 2015), Nekfeu is showing a innovative way to operate to the youth. Indeed, all the profit he’s making is directly reinvested in his music to improve the quality of his global craft. He’s proving that you can have a successful career without being signed to a major label. Since his breakthrough in 2011, he inspired many to start rap and is now the godfather of a parisian rap rennaissance (Panama Bende, La Race Canine, Phénomène Bizness, Piraterime). After the sucess of « L’Entourage » album last year, each member of the crew is getting ready to release solo projects. The collective, operating like a french Wu Tang Clan, is taking a break so that each of them could express and develop their artistic identities. We can expect a lot from each of them in the future : Deen Burbigo, Jazzy Bazz, Doum’s and Nekfeu are those who seems the most advanced to pursue a successful solo career.




2 thoughts on “The French rap entrepreneur : Nekfeu

  1. Thanks Baptiste for the fine interview… It’s always nice when you introduce us to new artists, giving us a broader perspective on what is happening in the rap community and how it is influencing and progressing throughout all parts of the world. Keep up the fine work!

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