Bon Voyage Organisation – Xingye EP

I just discovered Bon Voyage Organisation, a parisian collective which just released their new EP « Xingye ». The band mixes funk, jazz and psychedelic influences to create a unique futuristic sound produced with 70’s hardware. « Xingye » takes you on a journey between the landscapes of Africa and Asia. It’s even better live, they were incredible at Point Ephemere party on Sunday night! They got the crowd dancing for one hour in a 30° venue. I believe they sound better live, delivering massive energy and crazy party vibes.



These songs feels perfect for summer nights, it’s catchy and super danceable. They used many instruments in diferent ways which makes each song special. The album is gonna be a classic if they keep on innovating musically. Recently, the french psychedelic scene has been evolving in a great way with bands like La Femme gaining international recognition. Anyway don’t sleep on Bon Voyage’s valuable and timeless music!



Stream the EP here :


Follow Bon Voyage Organization on Facebook :



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