Snoop Dogg – Bush

Snoop Dogg released his new album on May 12. It was entirely produced by Pharrell Williams. After a reggae album, this one is a total change, it’s a pop/funk record. Mainly centred on party and girls, it doesn’t mention weed or money, two themes Snoop made his trademark over the last 20 years.

The list of featurings is impressive : Stevie Wonder, Charlie Willson, T.I, Gwen Stefani, Kendrick Lamar, Rick Ross



With so many talents on this record, it was impossible to fail. Each of them take their songs to the next level but the other songs are amazing too which his rare for Snoop. Actually, each song is a potential hit ! The Pharrell influence on these songs is huge, it sounds similar to the production on Pharrell solo album « GIRL » which we reviewed last year:



Snoop reinvent his style once again with californian vibes. Indeed, this album is an anthem to Cali. He still has some gangsta in him but he doesn’t swear once on this album which is exceptional. With hits like « Peaches and Cream », « So Many Pros » and « Edibles », this album is naturally crafted for commercial sucess. It is perfect for a summer soundtrack and puts Snoop back in the game. It’s easy listening and many people might discover a new face of this character. 22 years after Doggystyle, this album defintely proves that Snoop Dogg is a legend of West Coast rap and a creative genius who can switch his style indefinitely.



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