Matou – Aphelion EP

Matou, a young producer and dj from Paris is releasing his new EP tomorrow. We had the chance to listen to his new songs last week, here’s the review.   Matou is a producer and the dj of french rapper Espiiem since a year ago. Mixing many influences, this EP is full of future bass and trap beats. His project has cloudy, futuristic songs which takes you on a journey far away. There are no featurings, it’s just instrumental and good vibes. It could easily been released on labels like Soulection or HW&W.

He has been touring with Espiiem, who is currently working on his debut album. Matou is definitely an artist to follow if you love this kind of music, the french scene is full of new talents: Fakear, Point Point, Everydayz, Hologram Lo’, Nxxxxxs, Vaati, Stwo…

We hope you enjoy this new music, we will keep digging on Soundcloud to find the best new artists who will make the future of music!   Check out the first video from this EP:

Follow Matou on Facebook and Soundcloud:


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