Taylor Gang non-stop hustle: JR Donato- North Pole Mixtape

Chicago artist JR Donato released his mixtape « North Pole » a few months ago. I took my time to listen to these new songs, here is my mixtape review !


JR joined Wiz Khalifa’s team Taylor Gang some time ago while his career was on the rise. This huge oportunity allowed him to go on tour with Khalifa and Taylor Gang’s artists : Juicy J, Chevy Woods, Ty Dolla Sign, Tuki Carter, Lola Monroe. Now he’s ready to get bigger with the crew’s support.



« we dit it, turnt up we did that… i’m in ATL and I’m flexing »


The release of this mixtape gave him the exposure he was hoping for. Donato took time to experiment with his sound and lyrics. Now he’s giving us excellent songs like «Watchu Doin ? » and « Bundlez ».

The main themes are his lifestyle, relationships, skateboarding, money, partying and touring. His new flows and creative gimmicks makes this mixtape entertaining and worth the listen, perfect for partying and chilling!



« car service that’s paid for, next flight that’s paid for, new bag that’s paid for, new chain that’s paid for, converse and jays that’s paid for, that’s Taylor Gang and that’s paid for »


This mixtape is showcasing his talent and introducing new listeners to his world. JR Donato will obviously become a superstar if he keeps offering quality material like he did on this project. Time will tell us if he’s able to develop his own identity and to distinguish himself from other Taylor Gang’s artists. JR Donato has a bright future just like his friends Chevy Woods, Lola Monroe and Ty Dolla Sign, all aiming to develop their label’s imprint on music.


Listen and download the full mixtape here :




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